The Fertile Lands

Welcome to the campaign!
The Beginning -- To Oberrain

The Beginning

The party gathers during the reign of Emperor Maximilian. The prosperity of The Fertile Lands is waning and it is up to you to shape the future of the world.

Lands that once flourished are failing. Peaceful peasants grow restless. The dormant horrors of the forest are awakening. Rumors from afar herald danger.

To Oberrain

As the snow moon wanes, the last of the season’s frost draws nigh. Wizened farmers in the east fear another dismal growing season will soon be upon them. The food grows scarce and fewer families remain to tend the bleak fields that were once the pride of the six provinces.

With the wandering peasants who once made the east their home, strange stories are spread. Some reminisce about the shaman of old communing with Aeris to ensure a bountiful harvest while some attribute the failing farmlands to strange creatures poisoning the land. All remember a friend of kin who has disappeared or died: some to famine, others culled by Imperial guards to be taken who-knows-where; almost all claim to have seen shadows moving through the forest; only the boldest tell the tale of years gone by when the Emperor visited Oberrain, but their stories do not celebrate their ruler: in their stories, the Hounds of Hölle did not emerge from the forest….


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