Young Elf Ranger from Savoly


Ranger level 2
STR 12
DEX 17
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 12

HP …

Arjen is a practiced tracker and hunter.

Arjen is always keenly observant.

His masterwork bastard sword belonged to his father, Juraj before it was bestowed upon him by Georg the Smith.


Arjen was born and raised in the swamps of Savoly, but he feels most at home in nature where he is a skilled hunter. When he was only 40 years old, he made his first journey with his mother; they foraged and waded through the treacherous swamps north to the terminus of the Ausa at Schwyz. He had never seen such extravagance and waste as on the edge of the lake: it disgusted him.

Arjen learned how to build water transport from his mother and they floated their way north beyond Linden to Aibling on the River Isar. Arriving at Aibling, Arjen and his mother sold some of their trappings from the swamplands in exchange for horses to take them further north and east to Oberrain.

Camping overnight along the road to Oberrain, Arjen and his mother sharpened their steel and their tracking skills. Every year since his father went missing, his mother would make this journey to track the Hounds of Hölle; this was the first time she agreed to bring him along. Arjen knew that his mother would never find a trace of his decade-gone father, but Arianna vowed to find his father in this world or the next.

In Oberrain, Arianna introduced her son to Georg the Smith who was the last person to see his father alive. The day he disappeared, Juraj visited Georg and left his bastard sword to be sharpened. “I took the blade intending to return it to my friend. After these long years, it’s fitting I give it to his son. Blessings be upon you, Arjen; may your fathers blade strike ever true in your hands,” Georg told him.

Arianna and Arjen, like Juraj ten years before, left Georg to his bellows. That night they camped outside the small Temple of Pelor under a blanket of shimmering stars. It was the last night his mother continued her search in this world. It was the night of Maximilian, of Hounds, of Hölle.


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