Feigio Kerees

Disciplined devotee of the Order of Heironeous


Main Stats:
Half-Elf Paladin

Alignment: Lawful / Good

HP: 25
AC: 16
Initiative: 4

STR: 18 (4)
DEX: 11
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 14 (2)
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 16 (3)

F: 9
R: 4
W: 6

Intricate Bastard Sword

Scale Mail
Heavy Wooden Shield

Aura of Good (PH44)
Detect Evil (PH44)
Smite Evil (PH44)
Lay on Hands (PH44)
Divine Grace (PH44)
Aura of Courage (PH44)
Divine Health (PH44)

Low-light vision (PH 19)
Immunity to sleep spells and other magical effects (PH 19)

Eyes – Green , Hair – Dirty Blonde, Skin – Fair
Height- 5’ 9" Weight- 128


Feigio is a half-elf Paladin of the Order of Heironeous, God of Valor and the son of a disgraced noble and an Elven sorceress. Feigio’s mother passed away while giving birth, leaving Feigio in the care of his father. His father descended into addiction during the early years of Feigio’s life, resulting in Feigio doing odd jobs in the city of Turin. He became an accomplished blacksmith at an early age. Often ostracized because of his father, as well as being a half-elf, made life in the city’s shadier section, a living hell. As a result of the ridicule, Feigio took a knife to the tips of his ears, in an attempt to appear more human.

On the eve of his 22nd birthday, his father passed away. Having no ties to the city, and no obligations, Feigio traveled out. After many failed expeditions and near death mishaps, he stumbled upon the Temple of Heironeous. Spirits crushed by his failures, he devoted himself to the Order of Heironeous. He quickly rose through the ranks of the warriors, showing an aptitude for fighting, often running in to battle with the White Fist of Heironeous painted on his face. One evening while meditating at the Temple of Heironeous, he had a vision of the god telling him to venture out and face the the growing threats that face the land.

Confused by the vision, he went to the leaders of the temple seeking guidance. The priests of the temple explained that visions by Heironeous are rare, and only granted to the exceptional within the devotees. They promoted him to the rank of Paladin, sharing with him the secrets of the gods, and sending him on his way.

Seeking out others to face the unknown threats, he spends his time in the city of Reidhof…

Feigio Kerees

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