Ilyena Amakiir

A young, headfast Elf seeking to prove her worth.


Main Stats:
Elf Fighter Lvl 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good

HP: 12
AC: 16
Initiative: 3

STR: 17 (3)
DEX: 16 (3)
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 14 (2)
WIS: 14 (2)
CHA: 14 (2)

F: 5
R: 3
W: 2

Great Sword

Studded Leather

Weapon Focus Great Sword
Power Attack

Martial Weapon Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Light/Medium/Heavy Armor Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Immunity to Magic Sleep
Low Light Vision


Ilyena is a young elf who just recently reached maturity. The only daughter of Elven nobles living in The Mighty North, she was expected to follow her lineage and be the proper noble daughter they had groomed her to be. Petite and beautiful, she carries herself with grace that is often mistaken for weakness. Her haunting green eyes shining out from a mass of messy, dark auburn hair. While she is slight in build, she always felt the need to prove herself to those who underestimated her. Upon reaching maturity and choosing her adult name, she set out in the cover of night, shedding the role they chose for her, to forge her own path in the lands and seeking to rebel.

Often mistaken as an easy target while alone on the road, Ilyena gained surprising proficiency with her Great Sword and used other’s misconceptions of her to her advantage. Curious by the happenings around her, she is often found eavesdropping on travelers to seek out her next destination. Stubborn and headfast, she finds herself looking for her next great adventure.

Ilyena Amakiir

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