Male Elf



Main Stats:
Elf Ranger, Level 1

Alignment: Good / Neutral

HP: 10
AC: 17
Initiative: 4

STR: 14 (2)
DEX: 18 (4)
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 12 (1)
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 12 (1)

F: 4
R: 6
W: 2

Long Sword & Short Sword
Long Bow

Studded Leather

Point Blank Shot (P 98)

Favored Enemy (Undecided)
Wild Empathy (Pg 47)

Eyes- Brown, Hair- Black, Skin- Black
Height- 6’2, Weight- 215


Stringer is an elf hailing from The Swampy Southeast. His people, as most in this region, are a nature-loving and reclusive group. These characteristics are dominant in him. Stringer is private and isolating, sharing little about himself with others. He is often seen as cold and aloof. He has a tendency to wander, exploring the lonely reaches of wilderness and avoiding contact with others. Stringer has gentle compassion for wild animals and views himself as a protector of others. Although he will intervene in conflicts to liberate the innocent and advocate for the helpless, he does so on his own terms. The law is a guide to him, to be departed from when necessary. Stringer excels at tracking and exhibits impressive dexterity. He is a talented shot with his bow and arrow.
In his early years, Stringer grew up in a small community of elves. He existed quietly among them, and would have gone unnoticed but for his intimidating physical stature. For an elf, he is large. He stands at six two and weighs two hundred and fifteen pounds. Stringer did not enjoy the extra attention and became increasingly reclusive and detached. At a young age, Stringer chose to be a ranger. He drifted away from his group and never returned. Since that time he generally was to be found in the wild, honing and gaining confidence in his survival skills and strength, thriving on the quiet and calm of the forests, and befriending various beasts. These days Stringer draws near to the city he is currently closest to, Riedhof, where he will replenish his supplies and chose the next destination for his wanderings.


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