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Season 2 Hype:
In the Emperor’s Homeland: Part I of the prologue for Season 2 of TFL! Enjoy!
In the Emperor’s Homeland – Part 2: Celebration and sorrow! The prologue continues in Schwyz after the celebration for Maximilian’s coronation.
In the Emperor’s Homeland – Part 3: The Darkest Night. Can the prologue get darker in this shorter chapter? Here’s a hint: Yes.

Here are the pages so far:
The Fertile Lands: An overview of the world
Aeris and Azkhan: A legend of fire and gold
Emperor Maximilian: A hero rising to the highest office
Hounds of Hölle: A hideous group of raiders from the forest

Jahmal of the Waste: A story about the Parched Southwest
Seal’s Journal: A new story from the Journal of an adventurer north of Altbasar.
Hold Fast: Another new story! Hold on to your hats as we journey on the high seas!
A Meeting in Shadow: Moar new story! We journey underground to eavesdrop on a secret meeting!
The Old Woman and the Deep Water: So story! Much new! Very read! An old halfling woman wanders the beach along the Bay of Turin….
The Battle of Greathearth: A tale of barbarian conquest in the Mighty North.

Main Page

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