Emperor Maximilian

Emperor of the Fertile Lands


Emperor Maximilian Rises to Power

For months, raiders from the Border Forest spilled forth into the Eastern Province and King Lukas IV did nothing. Despite the pleading of then-governor Maximilian, no additional guards were sent to defend the East from the Hounds of Hölle.

With the number of fighting-fit men dwindling in the East, Maximilian secretly gathers the entire strength of his fighting force for an ambush at the border village Oberrain. Under cover of darkness, Maximilian orders fifty Catchers into the village and leads the evacuation of the few remaining villagers to Aibling; he leaves Generalleutnant Karl Redhands in command of the Catchers and the defense of the East. While leading the march of villagers southwest, Maximilian observes the burning of Oberrain behind his column of helpless peasants.

The fleeing villagers claim that Maximilian rode into the very flames of Hölle that night and emerged with Generalleutnant Redhands bloody and burned draped over his mount, a prisoner in manacles dragging behind, and the blood of one hundred Hounds on his blade.

After the slaughter of his fighting men at Oberrain, Maximilian marched on the Falcon’s Perch and delivered his ultimatum to King Lukas: abdicate or die. Refusing to cede the throne of his fathers to Maximilian, King Lukas IV and his guards met the same fate as the Hounds of Hölle at Oberrain.

Emperor Maximilian

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